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Rambling's of a Mad Woman
As everything begins to unfold. There is a count of memories exploding just before sleep is suppose to take over. A countless recalculation surfaces. Impending doom over hangs near the center. We've been down this road once before. Leading no where. On long lonely stretches of highway. Tortured underneath this skin. A brisk notion that the soul is being tugged in one direction. I hear his voice. Though these words make no sense. The air feels weighted. I feel like I've should have been asleep. The only thing I've been able to muster up is a scream. What is the sound coming from my mouth? Why is everyone staring at me so blindly? Am I lost? Has both heaven and hell forsaken me all together? Days seem to drag on. Why is this insanity of a curse so inviting. Where has sleep gone? Is this a dream? Surely this must be a dream. How can one fall so far?
Silence hits the room. The spinning shifted. Words are lost, tears are falling now. Where have I been?
:iconaireansa:Aireansa 2 6
Under the stretch of this highway.
Radical curves,
Holding weights of silence, grief,
              and darkness.
Counted by measure,
       they can't see the value.
Tortured inside.
Walk softly here.
Can't return,
Nor be replaced.
A mark,
As explosions hit.
          Igniting the soul.
:iconaireansa:Aireansa 1 4
Madness by Aireansa Madness :iconaireansa:Aireansa 1 6 Under due cause by Aireansa Under due cause :iconaireansa:Aireansa 1 1
Under This Surface
Under the surface
Through the cracks.
Where lights just aren't so bright.
A soul lays in shatters.
Everything vibrates unevenly.
There is no outlet.
Just piles of memories.
Fighting, fighting to find some comfort.
Demons, demons surface.
Under this surface.
Breathing is difficult.
Under this surface I have
to face myself.
Cracks of these lines,
bleed down to the core.
:iconaireansa:Aireansa 1 9
Pain by Aireansa Pain :iconaireansa:Aireansa 1 8
Following the start back into the bend.
Where comforts of being lost
Held a stronger grip within the darkness.
Years of searching, years of wasting tears,
Devastating blows landed down.
Following the years back,
Following back through memories of mirrored glass.
Nothing remains the same, yet nothing has changed within.
Under this capsized wreckage.
Drowning out the darkness.
Following past the bend.
Silence over took the soul.
Words that have been lost for oh so long.
Afraid of the reach, afraid of the spreading
Light burning so brightly inside.
Here is the uprise.
Here is the passing.
Passing of the following,
Of a new chapter slowly
on the verge of it's maiden voyage.
:iconaireansa:Aireansa 1 3
It's the beginning pieces of finding.
Where our broken ashes have left us.
Unknowingly searching in a space,
Left so hollow,
Left so alone.
Traces of the memories surface,
Where music and souls collide.
Drifting off here and there.
Just through these space.
Unbalanced to the accords,
lifting the shattered remains.
Timing becomes eccentric.
Through a crack,
Through a space of hope.
Where the light untouched
Remains burning.
Jumbled thoughts, shifting to quickly.
Like a weight of air being pressed.
Pressed so tightly inside.
Captivating little mess inside.
Inside these spaces.
:iconaireansa:Aireansa 3 3
Under Pressure
Under lining in spaces, to small to be.
Uneven in this part, shifting hopelessly to edge.
Shattered down to every ridged point.
Under this point, this spinning view.
Fighting, these words are screams.
Harboring around alone.
Silenced in the view, tears swelling.
Cunning, ruthless little mess.
Unspoken for so long, laying in waste to long.
Gifted disaster of hope.
Fighting every chance, running through every second.
Dropped out of the reality.
Hung out when all is gone.
Around and round the wheels begin to spin.
Churning slowly, crackling as the dust gives way.
Restless inside, spinning at the words, at the sounds circling around.
These are the courses, the given where everything,
If fighting for life.
:iconaireansa:Aireansa 1 9
Entry Wound
It's the entry wound,
The start of where everything spiraled out.
Under the crux of the weight,
Shifting through the movements.
Calculation of the pieces, time unwinding.
Dining in the darkest of places.
Under the despair, the blind of
Process of the breakdown,
The scars burning a little brighter with each moment.
               It's this entry wound.
               Despairing unwillingly through this time.
               Can't break the grip.
               Surfacing under the flip side.
               A piece to fitting, a piece to hopeful.
Under score of the rounds.
Under the tone of such words.
Just the moments, where letting go,
Sucks the weight from our lungs.
Mere forms of the process.
Just the traveling part, these little
Journeys are becoming the life.
:iconaireansa:Aireansa 1 5
It's This Piece
It's this piece you see,
The one that is locked away.
Fighting so feverishly to strike out.
Changing became the settling score.
Holding back, learning to breath,
Without settling into the downward spiral.
Tragically unbalanced, where moments,
Drift by endlessly.
Stopping short of a collision course.
Weighed down by the every shifting
Pulse of gravity.
:iconaireansa:Aireansa 1 6
Through The Pen
The pen lands in between these blue lines.
The words are just sitting there,
   At the edge of our tongues.
   Movement is slowed.
Caution signs flare to life.
Back and forth I go.
Start to erase.
Another more pass, this one
Just make the cut.
Under the darkening sadness.
Escaping into the blurred stained ink tears.
   Movement is slowed,
   Caution signs flare back to life.
The heart restarts.
Pushing the poison through.
Passion to the core,
   Emotions choking under the weight
   Of this ballpoint pen.
:iconaireansa:Aireansa 2 2
It's the beginning of the turn,
The silence filling into the rooms.
Like the course was known to the point
Of such a turn.
Everything is for a reason.
They are the repeated words,
           Repeated words that people give.
Under the do course, filtering onto the end.
Beyond the notion,
Where separation sinks in.
This madness kicks in,
            Holding the crippling pieces apart.
Undertow pushes the parts away.
Hidden words are surfacing.
Just a moment ago, everything becomes,
Down to the current of spiral waves.
The sun giving into it's last breath for the day.
Repeated on the day in,
           And on the day out.
:iconaireansa:Aireansa 1 3
Pressures Of The Struggle
Reaching down this is the fight,
The struggle willing to tear apart the pieces.
Uninvited little mess of harboring darkness.
Controlling under the pressure, beating the inner strength
           Down to the cores where the heart and soul collide.
Edging out towards the cliffs edge.
Mastering the fate of disguise.
Following under the complications,
Making due to pass this time.
Energies surge, just another little piece here and there.
          This is the mark, I know where the lines have been.
Cursing, cursing the skin for the toughening moment.
Broken as the disasters make their turn.
Coming at the wounds, they know the strikes.
Watching the inner changes of the sky.
Alone to the thoughts, the nightmares strike without
           Any sign of a warning.
Heading for a collision course of death.
Final pieces in the making,
Such a beginning,
Such an end.
:iconaireansa:Aireansa 1 3
It's This Process
It's the process of believing, the process
Of challenging of accepting yourself.
Whole and completely.
As the broken stages begin to shift around.
It's the belief of the notion, that we are
In our own rights, this amazing person.
The stages of knowing, traveling along this journey.
Faltering along the pathway, unable to grasp the notion
Of this greatest gift.
It's the process of finally letting go the hurt.
It's just this process.
:iconaireansa:Aireansa 3 6
A Process of Healing
It's the voice that begins whispering.
The silent tears that fall in remembrance.
The piece that begins to heal,
Once the letting go, begins.
The lost hope, where the uncertainty
Constricts everything on our insides.
The pressure of madness, circling around.
Glowing embers of moments that are never,
Going to come back.
Pieces of a wound that fall into place.
Where the parts of the world fade.
And the pieces begin to heal.
:iconaireansa:Aireansa 1 0

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Pieces of Me
   into the basins
   that my hands have become
      unstable ghostly
   shadows collapse between the margins
   that used to be your smile
   I can not hold your face... no more
   not even the memories of you
      nothing is... like it was before
   clouded by tears
   salty as the sea
                          in me
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
:iconkay-march:Kay-March 21 40
A strange town called GraivtyFalls part 1
as the 7 of them enteired this strange world ...
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" scream rairty . " Whats the matter Rairty ?!" ask Aj " theres theres mud on my dresss !! " screamed rairty about to cry . then lunamoon entierd " rairty we do not have time for you to cry over a little mud , we have to try and find Discord at once , who know what he could have done buy know " said lunamoon a bit anoyed at rairty  " hey rairty is our friend ! Dont treat her like that LunaMoon ! im sure Luna  your MOM would be disapointed of you !" yelled twilight " dont you every talk about thus luna . if you do i swear no matter what .." said lunamoon trying to hold back her words " luna would be mad , dispointed at YOU , what are you gonna do send me to the moon like your mom was ?!" yelled twilight not relising how mean she just was "  Shut up or Else " threatend lunamoon " or else what ! are you gonna miss your mom !"  said twilight " Or else next time i see your FACE i will hurt you
:iconxxxrainbowfoxxxx:XxXRainbowFoxXxX 1 5
My Little Pony Adoptables by XxXRainbowFoxXxX My Little Pony Adoptables :iconxxxrainbowfoxxxx:XxXRainbowFoxXxX 2 0
Winged Creature
The winged creature
in my
nocturne dream
the dark sky
on its wings
of myself
in two
half red
half blue
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
:iconkay-march:Kay-March 16 35
The Gate Way
one day in ponyvile,  cleistia had called lunamoon , twiligh , rainbowdash,aj.rairty,fluttershy,pinkie to her castle
Twlight : yes princess , what is it that you needed
Clestia: i need you  7 to go though the gate way
Lunamoon : gateway to what ?
cleista : antheir world , thats all i can tell , discored said something about spreding chaos i belive ? im not sure , but you 7 well have to go to this other world.
Lunamoon: but i thought discored was good ?
Clesita : i dont know for sure , if he is going to spred chaos .. but go check it out
Twilight:how do we get there princess ?
*cleista points to the gateway  i mean mirror *
Twilight : not again but ok , we all well go !
Lunamoon: we do not know what lies behind this gateway , we should leave in the morining , but right now let us try to figure out what we well need.
AJ: she's right twi .
Twilight: ok ill go get the elments of harmony , they should help .
Lunamoon: no .
Twilight : what do you mean no ?. the harmony has h
:iconxxxrainbowfoxxxx:XxXRainbowFoxXxX 1 1
leaveing / secrets
Aj : twilight help me get rainbowdash up .
Rainbow: AHHH !
Aj : huh ?
Rd: i had the worst dream , cleista was sending us to antheir world .
Lunamoon : * screams*
Aj: whats wrong ?!
Lunamoon: oh .. i just had a nightmare .... h-haha
aj : ok then well help me pack well ya ?
* hourslater*
Twi:ok princess we are ready to go .
cleista : be careful
Lunamoon : ill meet you guys there i just got to get something . * runs affter cleista *
Celsita : you had the same dream to .
Lunamoon: me , you and my mother all know its no dream .
clesita : i said dont talk about her .
lunamoon : but i want to know what happend to her... no one ever tells me what happend to my mom luna .
cleista : she was killed trying to save you , and me , now you should meet up with your friends ..
lunamoon : oh ok * goes into the portal*
Cleista : luna , when can i tell her ?
luna :  this isnt the right time sisster , let her figure out that one thing first .
:iconxxxrainbowfoxxxx:XxXRainbowFoxXxX 1 0
i realized i forgot some details from my lunamoon by XxXRainbowFoxXxX i realized i forgot some details from my lunamoon :iconxxxrainbowfoxxxx:XxXRainbowFoxXxX 1 0 August 22nd by FramedByNature August 22nd :iconframedbynature:FramedByNature 70 6 Chrisa  oc not my main one by XxXRainbowFoxXxX Chrisa oc not my main one :iconxxxrainbowfoxxxx:XxXRainbowFoxXxX 3 2 hopefuly lunamoon's last redisgeien by XxXRainbowFoxXxX hopefuly lunamoon's last redisgeien :iconxxxrainbowfoxxxx:XxXRainbowFoxXxX 4 16 mlp adoptables open by XxXRainbowFoxXxX mlp adoptables open :iconxxxrainbowfoxxxx:XxXRainbowFoxXxX 2 5 What do you mean im  not a cutie pie ? by XxXRainbowFoxXxX What do you mean im not a cutie pie ? :iconxxxrainbowfoxxxx:XxXRainbowFoxXxX 2 2


Sometimes I am not sure who I hate more. Myself or my mind.
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